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My Background in Motorsport


It started in the seventies with building & driving my Mini Cooper in local night rallies, with the odd autocross thrown in. Night rallies gave way to single venue stage rallies with my now V6 3100 Mk 1 Capri, built by myself with good top ten results. This opened a few doors & i began building cars for other people,this was in my spare time as i held a full time job at Ilmor Engineering as an engine builder, on the Indy V8 & the then new F1 V10. This did take up a lot of long hours for a few years, so the rally cars took a backstage.

The years at Ilmor proved a very steep learning curve, with the ongoing engine development, including the pneumatic valve, variable intake trumpets & camshaft timing.

The long days & weekends were rewarded in 1997 with David Coulthard winning the first race for Mercedes-Ilmor with the V10 which is pictured, from the left is Paul Morgan,Ian Sharpe, Myself, & D C which Ian & myself built.

We enjoyed many race winning engine builds over the 97-98 season with McLaren Mercedes to win the championship. Finally parting with Mercedes H.P.E in June 2009 with the ever increasing cost cutting in F1, & less engine requirements.

I have a loyal band of custom for engines & car builds during my 19 years in F1 employment, so i can know give them my full attention, & develop more of my own products& expand my engine range.

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